Monday, December 15, 2014

3.5 weeks old

The pups are really coming alive this week!  They are playing with each other and their toys, they growl and bark and are quite mobile.  Of course, life is still mostly sleeping, eating, and pottying but they are no longer sea slugs- instead they are getting their own personalities.  They are nice, solid pups for 3.5 weeks old and will be getting a number of visitors over the next few weeks in order to get comfortable with strangers.
Mr. Green has such a sweet, chunky face

 Mr. Red
 Mr. Red
 Mr. Purple
 More Mr. Green
 Mr. Green winking

 Miss Blue
 Miss Blue
 Miss White
 Miss White
Miss Yellow
 Pups look so sweet when they are sleeping!

 Waking up...
 ...and back to sleep

 Now time to eat.  This was the pup's first meal but they ate like little pros

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