Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 weeks

 The pups are growing so fast!  They still spend much of the day snoozing but now have good bouts of wrestling, running and playing.  They have discovered their teeth and are chewing fiends.  They spent one day learning about the shiny tile floors but now shoot around on them with no concern.  These are sweet pups and are happy to visit and cuddle with anyone.  Bianca is still a bit protective of them but is no longer nursing and they eat their kibble with great gusto.  At 5 weeks the pups are around 7- 7.5lbs and adding more each day.  

 The pups love the bumper bed but Mr Red seems to monopolize it!
 We did some stacked shots of the pups this week to get an idea of what they look like in terms of conformation.  I will do it again next week and at 7 weeks to make my decisions on what pup goes where.  The pups were cooperative, for the most part, but were a bit confused as to why I wanted them to stand still on top of a crate!
 Mr. Green was the first to try
 Such a handsome face!
 Mr. Green was very interested in something on the floor
 Good Stand
 cuddles for a job well done
 Mr. Purple
 Mr. Purple 

 Mr. Red
 At first I thought Mr. Red may have a wooley coat but after looking at pics of his dam and her sibs as pups, I think he is just going to have a nice, thick plush coat like his Uncle Gambler/Denali 
Gambler had a similar coat as a pup and now has a very nice adult coat- 
 Mr. Red has a very kissable face
 Mr. Red looking very sweet but he can get into a bit of mischief!
 Miss White has a pretty, feminine face
 Miss White 
 Miss Yellow
 Miss Yellow
 Miss Blue
 Miss Blue was the least cooperative of the pups at standing- she was not being a brat but just did not get the idea of standing still- what is the purpose when there is so much to see and so many pets to get!
 Miss Blue

 I love pictures of sleeping pups...obviously!
 Mr. Red finally lets the other pups share the bumper bed and they take advantage by piling on.

 Each pup got a stocking for the holidays

 It amazes me how some behaviors are inherited.  Many of my adult Chinooks like to sleep with one foot outstretched and stuck in the air.  these pups have not yet met any of my adult Chinooks but already sleep in some very "Chinooky" positions

 Another Chinook postion- neck bend and turned like it is broken.  Doesn't look comfortable to me but the dogs seem to like it!