Thursday, November 27, 2014

Week One

 Not much has happened this first week, which is a good thing!  The pups continue to grow and thrive and Bianca is providing a lot of good milk and is keeping the pups clean.  The pups get weighed twice a day, get loved on, and checked over but mostly spend the days nursing, complaining when they are getting a bath from mom, and sleeping.  Time passes quickly with pups and soon they will be all over the house exploring and pottying everywhere so the calm of the first weeks of life is much appreciated.
 Miss Yellow joins mom in a nice nap with a full tummy.  The other pups are still filling up.
 Blue getting weighed
 The warm box is getting a bit crowded- time to upgrade to a bigger box

White has a nice big schnoz!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

They're Here!

Bianca produced 6 healthy, vigorous pups on Tuesday, November 18th.  I co own Bianca but she lives with Nancy Olson, her husband, and her two children in Seattle.  The plan was for me to start sleeping over at their house on Tuesday night so I could help them whelp the litter.  She was due on Thursday/Friday.  Bianca had other plans though and decided to have the pups 2 days early and to also continue the Moonsong tradition of having pups in the daytime- almost all of my litters have been daytime litters.  I was at work when I received the call that Bianca was trembling and really restless and her temperature had dropped.  I rushed to finish work and get to Nancy's house as she had never whelped a litter before.  By the time I got there, the pups had all been born and mom and pups were doing fine.  Nancy and her family did a great job supporting Bianca and Bianca did an amazing job and whelping, cleaning, and feeding the pups. 
 The three handsome boys.  Mr Red looks black in the pictures but is actually a very dark tawny.  he will end up Bianca's color or a little darker when he grows up.  Mr . Purple is also darker but Mr. Grren may end up looking like his dad- a tawny palomino.
 The three beautiful girls
 I set the pups on a white towel to take pictures as finding pups on the quilt we were using is like playing Where's Waldo! 
 A job well done- Bianca rests after all her pups are dry and fed
 Bianca is a good mom
 The pups hang out in the "ready box" as the blanket in the whelping box gets changed
 The new blue blanket makes the pups stand out much better for photos
 He is very hard to see but mr red is the dark blob in the center of the photo.  He is getting some cuddles from mom
 Bianca in a pre pregnancy photo
 The dad, jack, has a very sweet face
Jack and Bianca enjoying a romp together.  Right after this picture was taken was the moment when these 6 precious babies were created!